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| October 24, 2017

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Midi Moto Information

Midi Moto Information

Midi moto engines start with your basic 49cc mini moto engine, they are virtually the same. However midi motos can now be bought with much larger engines, in some cases these go up to 125cc 4 stroke engines with a 4 speed manual gearbox and clutch. Midi motos can also be purchased with full suspension and all the electrics of a larger motorbike so really are the next best thing to their larger ancestors.

Midi motos are becoming increasingly popular due to their appearance and a closer ride to an actual super bike or dirt bike. Because of their size many more people find it easier to use a midi moto rather than the minuscule mini motos which are on the market today. Also if the midi moto rider is packing a few pounds then they should find the larger, torquer 4 stroke engines a more exciting ride, compared to the smaller 2 stroke engines.

There are many different models of midi motos available to buy today, including the midi moto ‘X’ range, which includes the midi moto x6 and x7 bikes which are becoming very popular due to their realistic looks and powerful engines.

There are also many racing midi motos which are produced by the likes of GRC and other famous mini moto racing firms. These bikes are built the same as the mini motos but with a slightly larger frame, they do not include any of the luxuries which you get with other midi motos.

So now its clear what a midi moto is its time to search for midi motos for sale. There are many places on line which sell good midi motos, no matter what is required. Check on line auction sites to see what bargains can be found and make sure a good search of the web is carried out before buying because there are so many stores with great deals which also carry hundreds of midi moto spares.

Once you have bought your dream midi moto then make sure to ride safe and have fun!

Marc Wilton, I have been riding mini motos for around three years now and am currently an editor for the website mini motos go.

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