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| December 17, 2017

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Physics Hackathon

Physics Hackathon
In An Exploration of Physics Logic I had asked the question, how many Higgs Bosons exist to give mass to all the atoms in the Universe? It is estimated that the Universe includes about 10^82 atoms. To be generous, assuming that an individual Higgs…
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10 amazing boundary catches that defied the laws of physics
Throwing the ball to the air to go beyond your boundary line and then returning in to complete the catch – Not Jonty Rhodes, who is widely credited to possess re-invented the art of fielding in modern cricket, could have boasted of such…
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MU professors develop app to help teach ninth-graders physics
The app, Exploring Physics, is meant to take particular physics curriculum already being trained in a number of public school districts, including Columbia' s, and make it available digitally. The Exploring Physics curriculum app is designed to replace…
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