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| October 24, 2017

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What Is Pit Bike Racing?

What Is Pit Bike Racing?

Pit bikes are not only for kids. Mini-sized bikes are slower and less powerful than full-size dirt bikes so they are much more fun according to enthusiasts. These are the adults that like to spend their free time tuning their small four-stroke engines and racing their little motorcycles.

If you are one of them, pit bikes are the vehicles to pick. But you can do multiple forms of competition with these motorcycles.

The most widespread form of competition is pit bike racing which is similar to Motocross. Event consists of wide range of classes designated by bike type and motor size. 125cc bikes ride in different class than 50cc bikes for example. A single competition has two or more motos. However, a moto has usually fewer laps than motocross race moto.

Racing has grown from backyards to greater arenas. In the US there is even national racing series and a few even earn their living racing pit bikes. Of course, you should start your career by participating in some smaller local race or racing serie. Even in smaller races the tracks can be tricky!

But motocross is not the only way. Supermoto has also been popular although the most asphalt-freaks seem to prefer pocket bikes which are also miniature motorcycles. Remember that any miniature motorcycle – pit or pocket – becomes unstable with high speeds.

There are a few choices left even if you think racing is too lame. Pit park is probably the newest thing. As you can guess, it started when riders took their bikes to skateparks and rode them as they were BMXs. If you want to try concrete obstacles, quarter ramps and pools you should change dirt tires to slick. Some parks don’t allow bikes so remember to ask for permission before entering a park with a pit bike.

With pit bike you’re limited only by your imagination. And sometimes cops too. At least if you are into street riding. Yes, you can do bunny hops, grinding and stairs as you would do with skateboard or BMX. If you do this in public locations remember make sure you are doing nothing illegal. And always wear protective gear and helmet.

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